G'day Steel is Spencer Porters latest company
Spencer Porter who owns G'day Steel took over $1m in payments through his company MyTinyHomeKit and never delivered the goods

G’day Steel is Spencer Porters latest company

G’day Steel is based in Melbourne and produces steel house framing. The same framing that Spencer Porter used to build tiny homes for his company MyTinyHomeKit.

Spencer Porter and MyTinyHomeKit took over $6 million in payments from more than 150 average Australians and failed to deliver their tiny homes.

Spencer Porter is being investigated by Consumer Affairs Victoria and has been prosecuted as an unlicensed builder.

G’day Steel produces steel house framing to order. This is a similar concept to Spencer Porter’s previous company MyTinyHomeKit. The main difference is that G’day Steel produces framing to your own specification.

There are several issues here. Firstly, we believe that the machinery that G’day Steel uses belongs to MyTinyHomeKit, who have recently been evicted from their business premises for non payment of rent.

It is also believe that Spencer Porter owes a considerable amount of money on the machinery, is in arrears with his payments, and the supplier is trying to repossess the machinery.

Spencer Porter and MyTinyHomeKit took over 150 orders from average Australians ranging from $18,000 to $80,000. This amounted to more than $6 million. The orders were never fulfilled and it looks like his customers have lost their hard earned money.

A support group, “Property Magicians My Tiny Home Kit and Gday Steel Victims” has been set up on Facebook to help his customers come to terms with their loss.

Spencer Porter was investigated by Consumer Affairs Victoria resulting in a very strict enforceable undertaking.

Consumers contacted Consumer Affairs Victoria to complain that Spencer Porter and MyTinyHomeKit had:

  • Accepted payment, but failed to supply kit homes within a reasonable time, or at all
  • Only supplied incomplete kits, and
  • Failed to provide refunds.

To date, the majority of refunds ordered under the enforceable undertaking have not been paid.

Additionally, Spencer Porter was prosecuted and convicted of being an unlicensed builder. He paid the customer $35,000 in compensation and was fined $4,000 in a South Australian court.

The G’day Steel website says very little about the company and it’s offerings except: “We are your premier choice for top-quality steel framing solutions in Australia. With our commitment to excellence and innovation, we offer a range of steel framing products crafted from the finest TrueCore Steel, renowned for its unmatched durability and reliability in the construction industry.

We ill leave you to be the judge of whether G’day Steel is a company you wish to deal with.

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