Spencer Porter treating staff badly
Police outside Spencer Porter's Business

Spencer Porter – Lies and Deception

Spencer Porter’s lies, deception and manipulation extended far beyond the scope currently known to the public.

Throughout his short time as a self proclaimed entrepreneur, he not only lied to customers, lawyers and police, but also to consumer affairs, his own staff, and even charities.

“Philanthropic” Spencer Porter’s day to day life consisted of shifting the blame of his own scams onto the staff he employed to clean up his messes, lying to customers about delays that didn’t exist, and using charities to cover up his true intentions.

I personally watched “Mr.Porter” laugh and boast to staff about the death of a customer after her grieving son sent a photo of himself standing over the deceased’s casket.

Despite the staffs best efforts to follow through on all deadlines and expectations, by the end of my year working for him it was clear we had been “taken for a ride” as he loved to say.

He scammed staff so far back as his realestate business “Property Magician”, where he took two years to settle with a former staff member who had been responsible for saving his business and informing customers of his wrongdoings.

This behaviour continued until as late as the start of 2024, where he would call police on disgruntled staff in an attempt to avoid confrontation.

Spencer Porter the Fake Philanthropist

Spencer Porter the Fake Philanthropist

WorldVision was used as a means of weaponising philanthropic donations and charity in an attempt to persuade uneasy potential customers to look past his scam reports and bad business proceedings.

He would purchase a photo of a child by donating one time to WorldVision, frame the photo in the staircase of the MyTinyHomeKit offices, before cancelling the payments to the children. This was done under the promise that each time a tiny home was purchased, one child from a third world country would receive financial support.

In return for your money, Spencer Porter would purchase cars, gaming systems, boats, and gamble by opening Pokémon cards.

Instead of working alongside his staff, he would play Xbox, take his kids fishing and spend his hours browsing Facebook marketplace.

When angry customers, business partners and disgruntled families would arrive, threatening anything from legal action, to violence, it was his staff which would be responsible for holding them back while he hid away at home or locked in his office.

To this day, many former staff, friends and family are still questioning if his intention was ever to deliver.

Having been present while he boasted about spending almost half a million dollars in legal fees and hiring “the best lawyers money can buy”, it is my belief that Spencer Porter intended to siphon as much money as possible out of his customers and staff before fleeing to Thailand to live out his life somewhere he wouldn’t be harassed.

Staff are left with unpaid wages, years of unpaid super, no references, alongside attempted silencing via police and legal intervention.

Customers are left unanswered, with legal proceedings demanding refunds and compensation which he has no intention of paying off.

He has attempted to play the victim by begging former staff for financial aid via returning gifts, in order to feed his children.

His recent Facebook marketplace listings of possessions he purchased with customers money being the telltale signs that he has finally run out of funds.

His lies and ability to avoid punishment has lead to “A current affair” camping out front of his house and the entrance to his neighbourhood where he is in hiding after attempting to start a new scam business managing disabled persons funds.

Spencer Porter Unsafe Business practices

Dodgy Business Practises

Attached photos include the build quality of the frames after months of disgruntled staff complaining that the sole machine responsible for creating the frames was still not fixed, an example of a machine fault which occurred due to dodgy, cheap and neglectful repairs made by unqualified staff and the Chrysler SRT he took from a non paying customer before spending thousands wrapping/customising to be his own personal bragging tool for friends, staff and customers alike.

If you or anyone you know has been approached by Mr. Porter for any number of reasons, I advise you record and document any and all media or representations made.

Do not give into his threats of police or legal intervention, as I have seen many customers do before.

Do not sign NDA’s or legal documents until you have a legal representative of your own. This is his way of silencing the worst cases.

I apologise for anyone who has been exposed to Mr.Porters lies, manipulative behaviour and avoidant conduct.

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