MyTinyHomeKit branded a scam by many consumers
Spencer Porter of MyTinyHomeKit which failed to supply dozens of Tiny Homes

MyTinyHomekit Fails to Supply over $1 million of Customer Purchases

Spencer Porter is sole director of MyTinyHomeKit Pty Ltd which manufactures prefabricated tiny homes.

The company is now seen as a scam by over 40 consumers who never received their tiny homes, and never got their promised refunds. These homes were paid for in advance at the insistence of Porter.

After dozens of complaints about Spencer Porter and MyTinyHomeKit, Consumer Affairs Victoria launched an ongoing investigation.

MyTinyHome Pty Ltd (ABN 13 663 997 448) belongs to Spencer Porter. The company manufactures tiny home kits which are to be installed by a licensed builder, however Porter has in some cases offered to organise the build.

MyTinyHomeKit sells tiny homes from between $18,000 and $80,000 depending on the specification. Spencer Porter enticed customers to pay the full amount in advance in return for up to 50% discount. Whilst this may sound like a great deal, we are aware of over 40 tiny homes that were never supplied.

Additionally, Porter and MyTinyHomeKit were recently evicted from their business premises for not paying rent, and have failed to meet repayments on machinery they purchased.

MyTinyHomeKit 100% negative reviews

Spencer Porter has turned off comments on his Instagram and Facebook pages, however there are a number of consumer reviews on

The failure to supply products purchased by consumers was not just occasional, it was systemic. We are in contact with over 40 people who have not received their tiny homes. The majority of these have lodged formal complaints with Consumer Affairs Victoria.

A victims support group has been formed on Facebook named “Property Magicians My Tiny Home Kit and Gday Steel Victims“. The group has over 40 members who estimate the total amount paid for homes that have not been supplied is over $1 million. These are normal people many of whom have had their lives devastated by Spencer Porter and MyTinyHomeKit.

Due to dozens of complaints, Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) launched an investigation into the company. Spencer Porter has signed an enforceable undertaking with extremely strict terms.

Despite the enforceable undertaking, refunds have still not been received by consumers.

The CAV website states:

A kit home retailer and its director have agreed to make changes to its business practices, following numerous complaints to Consumer Affairs Victoria. My Tiny Home Kit is an online retailer that designs, manufactures and supplies `tiny home’ kits via its website Consumers who have contacted us have complained that the business has:

  • accepted payment, but failed to supply kit homes within a reasonable time, or at all
  • only supplied incomplete kits, and
  • failed to provide refunds.

Director Spencer William Porter, 24, of Clyde North has entered an enforceable undertaking (a legally binding written agreement through which a business commits to amend certain business practices).

Consumer Affairs Victoria

Details of the enforceable undertaking can be found here:

Spencer Porter promised many customers to supply, install and construct their tiny homes, even though he is not a licensed builder and could not legally fulfill these promises.

After a complaint to Consumer and Business Services, Spencer Porter was prosecuted, found guilty and fined $4,000. He also agreed to pay the customer $35,000 in compensation.

From the Consumer and Business Services Website:

In 2021, 24 year old Spencer William Porter of Clyde in Victoria operated a business called Property Magician, which had offered the sale and installation of tiny home kits around Australia. In a prosecution brought by consumer watchdog Consumer and Business Services, the Adelaide Magistrates Court was told that Porter was contacted by a South Australian interested in purchasing one of the kits. The consumer was told council approvals – if needed – were included in the purchase price, and that builders would be able to install both solar panels a composting toilet and a dual water tank if needed.

Porter was subsequently paid $27,500, but the kit was never provided or constructed. In this case, the individual had made assurances he was neither licensed to do nor capable of offering

Consumer and Business Services

Further details can be found here:

As with any large purchase, it is always best to undertake a great deal of due diligence before handing over your money. Please check all information about a seller before embarking on any major purchase.

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