Stories from people that have been scammed and cheated by Spencer Porter.
Spencer Porter ruining people's lives

Spencer Porter is accused of cheating and scamming by dozens of people. Many people have taken him to court or made police reports of their matters.

There is an overwhelming weight of evidence that this is true and that Spencer Porter knowingly took money by deception.

He has destroyed the lives of some and left a bitter taste in the mouths of many. Here are some of their stories.

I made a deposit in good faith… found too late this man and his business were a scam… I spent months trying to get my full deposit back, all I received were a partial payment then lie after blatant lie. In the end he just refused to repay my money.

This is fraud.

Despite legal commitments, personal promises and absolute assurances my deposit would be fully refunded and after months of what can only be described as strategic deceptions, prevarication and blatant lies, Spencer Porter eventually just refused to pay my refund in full and even attempted to take legal action against me because I wanted to investigate what soon became clear to me to be criminal fraud.

The day it became clear this man had cheated me out of a significant portion of my meager super funds and wasn’t going to give it back, I was rushed to hospital with suspected heart attack.

Spencer Porter has destroyed many people’s lives.

The government and the police simply refuse to support his many victims and have just washed their hands of the matter. Where’s the justice?

It’s just terrible.


So, that Ponzi scammer, Spencer Porter, registered a company called ATCARE NOW , in May, set up as an NDIS provider. Neither the company nor Porter were registered with the NDIS.

Our victims advocacy group took action, contacted the NDIS and, as far as we can tell, the website for that fraudulent company is now down. We don’t know if that means Porter has ceased but can you imagine the number of helpless victims he could steal from under the auspices of the NDIS? Its horrifying to contemplate.

For three years, Consumer Affairs Victoria knew what Spencer was up to and for three years they did nothing. Most shockingly, one of our members – yes, another victim, even contacted CAV to inquire about Porter’s “enforced Undertaking.” They were given reassurance from CAV that everything was under control and Mr Porter was fully compliant. $30,000 later, that poor man lost all his money when, a week after receiving his money, Spencer Porter dissolved his companies and now that victim’s money has disappeared. It is reasonable to believe from their inaction, that CAV is complicit in enabling, encouraging and even protecting criminal behavior

THIS is the real story, the real safety net he took full advantage of to destroy peoples’ lives is the VERY organization supposedly established to PROTECT consumers from fraud! How ironic.

Peter Grant Merrill

I started talking with this organisation in September 2023. We decided on a tiny home, received an invoice and paid this in full October 2023.

From then on it has been a hard slog to get information or anything to do with this tiny home! We were promised multiple dates for delivery, with the latest date being 22/02/24!

O only just found out about the receivership! We are gutted! For us this is a huge loss! It took long enough to save up for this!

We were already angry about the many changes of delivery and now are devastated and at a loss of what to do next!


I paid in full for a prefabricated extension comprising of three wall roof and foundation. All council permits and site preparation included.

His sales manager first demanded 50% but this was followed by a second demand in the same week for payment in full.

I was promised everything would be complete in six to eight months. Two years later and I have no money no extension and no hope of getting my money back.

When I tried to warn others of the deception I received a writ for defamation and the threat of losing my home and everything.

In Australia crime pays and victims suffer.

I contacted consumers affairs in 2022. They could have prevented others suffering my fate but they failed.


We purchased 2 Tiny homes in good faith. We excepted quick delivery as they were from a canceled order, but no… Spencer Porter promised 4 delivery dates which never happened, even after visiting the factory.

They accepted a refund request but guess what — they never returned any paperwork and now they are in liquidation. I don’t know how someone can tell so many lies.

How does he sleep at night, plus the staff that promised the earth and never deliverd. Now they will all be unemployed it’s called Karma.
It hurts and to think Australians have the gall to do this. It takes your faith away from trusting anyone today.


I engaged the services of Spencer Porter to develop a website for my company. I stupidly paid a 50% deposit and Spencer told me that his team of designers “who like to compete for the best design” had come up with some layouts for me to consider. They were stock templates that he sourced from the web.

He wanted the balance to complete a job he did not start. The guy is an absolute crook who uses the loss of his mother to market himself as a good person. Spencer, your mother would be turning in her grave knowing how dishonest you are.


My company Damoli Forklifts had hired a forklift to Property Magician back in 2022 / 23. After not being paid for a couple of months and unable to contact Spencer Porter, we decided to pick up our hire forklift.

When attending site each time Spencer had made sure that his front gates were always closed. After approximately 8 months of trying to negotiate to just get access to our forklift he decided that he would let us take it, this being on his terms.

We finally picked up our forklift that was unpaid for to find that the entire forklift had been treated so badly that there was over $3000 worth of damage. With a total of nearly $10,000 in unpaid rent, transport costs and damage to our forklift. We have lodged a Vcat hearing to try and re-coup our losses.

This man needs to be stopped and I am more than happy to assist with anything you require from to do so.

Daniel Bykersma

Thank you for creating this page to warn other people about this scammer. He was managing my property through his real estate business called Property Magician.

He moved away without telling me anything, and I am still chasing him to transfer the file and give me my house keys.

I have so many messages and voice messages of him telling lies. I am glad that he got busted.

In October 2022 I was emailing and phoning companies for quotes. I then received a call fromAdam Sharp at Property Magician when I who said that they had a special deal on a tiny home because a client no longer wanted the home, and that if I paid cash $52,800 I could lock it in.

I have never received it apart for some frames. I am 71 on a pension.and have lost all my savings. This was meant to supplement my pension.

Thomas Aldrich

I am not entirely sure how much i can say about Spencer Porter as i did sign a document that I prevents me from saying anything, but all I can say is he used his kids and other sob stories to scam me into giving money.

It took me about half a year before I would see any of the money he owed. It was thanks to Stephen from Downunder investigations who worked with me to ensure i got some of my money back.

I didn’t loose as much as others did, but still got sucked into his scams and his bullshit lies.

Hopefully all of you get your money back, or whatever is left that he hasn’t spent.

The excuses i kept getting were:

  • I am sick, so is my boy
  • Sorry i can’t talk
  • I will handle this
  • I will call you (never calls)
  • I can’t repay you what you have paid me. I need to see bank statements

Not sure how this guy got off for so long, but hopefully justice will get him soon.

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