Empty site after Spencer Porter took my money and didn't deliver my home
Site for the Tiny Home that Spencer Porter never delivered

Spencer Porter Sold Me a Tiny Home Which I Never Received

My story with Spencer Porter begins in May 2023. I was looking for a tiny home to build on my block, and Spencer reached out to me after an inquiry on the MyTinyHomeKit website.

He contacted out via WhatsApp and offered me a two bedroom home at a heavily discounted price – if I paid upfront. A red flag I should have been more aware of, but I was emotionally vulnerable at the time.

After some communication in which he sent me more information, Spencer Porter then began what they call the “hard sell”, and began to pressure me to pay as much money as I could manage, citing demands from the industry, getting best price on materials, etc..

This went on for months as he slowly wheeled more and more money out of me, eventually I began to realise that things weren’t adding up – because when I would pressure him for progress photos or updates on the kit, either he wouldn’t answer me at all, or he would come back with reasons that there have been delays.. due to industry issues, supplier problems etc etc

This went on and on and on until finally I found out he was being investigated by the Victorian Consumer Affairs tribunal. He had requested a voluntary undertaking which he had engaged in, and I was hoping of course like many others that I would be refunded quickly, as the undertaking was voluntary and this seemed to give the impression of honesty and compliance.

This went on again for weeks and weeks with little result – I did receive some partial refunds, but the amount diminished after each payment and then stopped. For good…

The endless false hopes are the worst… You truly have to experience them to appreciate what they do to you…

Finally, people reached out to me through the Facebook group and I found out the true extent of Spencer’s “business dealings” and the amount of victims that he owes money to.

He has destroyed my plans for a home of my own, and left me wondering where to turn to next, while I wait endlessly for my refund – but I pretty well expect it will never appear.

John Dank

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