MyTinyHomeKit - Failure to supply goods purchased
Matt Golly. One of Spencer Porter's Alianses

Initially, I came across an ad by Matt Golly (one of Spencer Porter’s aliases) on Facebook marketplace.

I sent an enquiry and my best mate went in and met Spencer Porter and his sister Chelsea Porter to check them out. They seemed very legit so we went ahead and made full payment for a 6×6 tiny home.

We were after something quickly as my wife was going back to work after maternity leave and her mum was flying in from overseas to help us out for a year.

Spencer promised to deliver our home within 30-45 days. After the money hit his account Spencer Porter was pretty much unreachable and kept coming up with excuses to dodge me.

Close to two years later, and several failed negotiations, I am yet to see my money or even a panel to my tiny home.

I even told him that I was taking a loan to pay for the tiny home and provided him with emails from my bank.

Spencer Porter lies and lies and lies, and seemingly has absolutely no conscience.


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